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The Next Meetings Are:    December 21 @ 8 PM   -   January 1 @ 10 AM   -   January 18 @ 8 PM

Record Number of Bucks
Record Setting 26 Bucks and 4 Coyotes as of Thursday

Biggest Drive Ever
Tuesday Yields 8 Bucks
6 Bucks On One Drive

Small Game Stocking Schedule   

Former Member Mikey Cannon Passes Away

Anatomy of a Deer This video is about Deer Lungs

Learn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR
"This video is worth sharing," said Gordon A. Ewy, MD, director of the UA
Sarver Heart Center and one of the research pioneers who developed this method.

You must have this to fish in saltwater.   Click to sign up for the FREE permit

Aerial Photos from 1931, 1947, 1963 and 1979
Notice when was the shooting hole enlarged

Boar hunting in Tioga, Pa
Click on pic for a larger view

Boar hunting in Tioga, Pa
Click on pic for a larger view

Boar hunting in Tioga, Pa
Click on pic for a larger view

Boar hunting in Tioga, Pa
Click on pic for a larger view

Mikey with a nice rack!
Click on pic for a larger view

Jeff with a nice rack!
Click on pic for a larger view

Jon Scheid daughter with a nice bass off the wall
Click on pic for a larger view

Jon Scheid with a 62 pound beaver from the point
Click on pic for a larger view

2016 FFF Buck U Tournament

Largest Buck (by rack) harvested in 2016 - 2017 Seasons
Archery, Shot Gun & Muzzleloader Seasons (one winner only)

Contest from September 10, 2016 to end of winter bow season.

Must Register Before Harvesting Deer

Joisey Deer ONLY!

Open to members and immediate family members ONLY!
including spouse, kids, grandkids, parents and grandparents too!

One time $10 entry fee each person *** Enter as many bucks as you want!

Register at the meetings or email BUCKYOU at our website (

A picture and proof of check in tag is required.
Final determination (close calls) will be decided by total rack inches

Sign up at a meeting, call or E-mail buckyou at our website ( to enter.
Once your e-mail or verbal commitment is received, you will be accessed the entry fee.

First it's Fluke U.....Now it's Buck You....Can't wait for Cocks for Kids

2016 Buck Week

Monday December 5th thru Saturday December 10th

Kick Off Time - Sunday Night Dinner 5 PM


Four boxes keep us free:

the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

Your mouse will stop the pages from turning, A click on the pic will open the full size picture.

Click here for more pictures

Mystery Photo
Guess Who??

Mystery Photo

Ernie White in the FFF T shirt and Sam Masiello rehearsing in 1978.

I guess the mystery is what is Ernie's connection to FFF?

Many thanks to Bob Dill for all the work compiling our pictures,
not to mention the worlds best comments!! Thanks Dilly!!

To see more of the old photos documenting the history of this
great organization see the BYGONE DAYS PHOTO ARCHIVE PAGE

There is also a collection of pics submitted on the PHOTO PAGE
Please support the business' that support our club


This Weeks Featured Advertisers

Advertise your business with FFF!
Banquet and Web Advertising Form

...Brenna Funeral Homes......Phil's II......Plumstead Wine and Liquors......Nitschmann Irrigation......Frank Pannick, CPA...... Defense Counsel dot com......Sherry Scheid @ ReMax......Bug Blasters Inc......Selmons Service Center......Frank Pannick CPA......In Memory of Poppa Nitsch......In Memory of Trapper......In Memory of Tugboat Bill......Bella Napoli Pizza...... Marble & Granite Fabricators, Inc......Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters......In Memory of Lodge Hunting Club Members......Chiarello's Hamilton Farm Market...

Youth Hunting Days

NORTH  10/1/16 & 2/4/17   -   SOUTH 10/15/16 & 2/4/17   -   COASTAL 11/5/16 & 2/11/17

YOUTH DEER BOW   -  9/24/2016      -      YOUTH PHEASANT 11/5//2016
YOUTH DEER FIREARM 11/19/2016      -      YOUTH TURKEY 4/22/2017

Perpetual Sunrise and Sunset Table
Table should read "Add one hour for daylight saving time when in use."

NJ Fish & Wildlife Regulations

2016-17 Hunting and Trapping Digest (& Migratory Birds too!)
2016-17 Deer Hunting Regulation Set
2016-17 Deer Management Zone Map
2016-17 Small Game Regulation Summary
2016-17 Trapping Regulation Summary
2016 Black Bear Regulation Summary
How To Age Your Deer
White-tailed Deer Natural History and Autumn Behavior

Migratory Birds
Finally, Migratory Birds are included in Hunting Digest starting on Page 65
Harvest Information Program (HIP)
Nontoxic Shot Regulatios for Hunting Waterfowl and Coots in the U.S.
NJ Synopsis of Federal Regulations Rertaining to Migratory Birds

Freshwater Fishing
2016 Freshwater Fishing Issue of the Fish and Wildlife Digest
Access Locations to Trout Fishing Waters

Saltwater Fishing
2016 Saltwater Fishing Regulations
2016 Saltwater Fishing Summary
NOAA Shark Identification Placard
National Saltwater Angler Registry
NJ's 15 Reef Locations

New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs

NJ State Federation of Sportsmens Clubs

Legislative Information
Contact your representatives to voice your opinions on sportsmen related issues
If you don't make a difference, the ANTI's WILL!

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American government take

care of him should better take a closer look at the American Indian."............Henry Ford

Reader Submitted Links
Links submitted by readers
Test your internet connection speed

Do pull tabs from aluminum cans have special redemption value for time on dialysis machines?     Sent in by Big Kirk
Don't feel too bad fellas.  Even Wally fell for that one years ago.  And I really do hate to say "I told you so!" but I told you so!

Suzanna Gratia Hupp will live the rest of her life with regret.
Had she been carrying her gun the day a madman executed her
parents while her gun was in her glove compartment.

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales - Sent in by Kirk Jr.

World Class Duck Hunting Video - Sent in by Bill Lyden
AKA Redneck Paintball Duck Hunting!

Deer Hunting with a Bird  -   Check out this video!

Marine Sniper Deer Hunting  -   Check out this shot!  



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